Each mission lasts 10-14 days. Approximately 150 to 200 patients receive direct surgical services and 20-40 local medical and non medical professionals receive education. In each mission HCFT cultivates contacts and identifies potential new medical tainees at our program sites and helps existing doctors on the ground with their backlog of cases.

In each mission, the following are essential for its success;

  • Equipment: portable anesthesia equipment, surgical instruments/sets, monitoring equipment, suction machines, cautery machines, oxygen concentrators etc.

  • Supplies: Antibiotics, anesthetic agents, analgesics, intravenous catheters, dressings, drapes, tubing etc.
  • Transportation: Air/road/rail travel for volunteers/personnel.
  • Accommodation and Meals: for the volunteers/personnel.
  • Administration costs and personnel per diem.
  •  Patient mobilization and transportaion and/or meal costs.